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"We are committed to being a resource of traction solutions by delivering innovative engineering, quality products, training and education.  With the highest level of customer service, our commitment leads to economic benefits for our customers and long-term relationships."

 Loegering is a wholly subsidiary ASV LLC.

 ASV LLC is a joint venture between Manitex International and the Terex Corporation

The history of Loegering. In the 1950's, brothers Louis and Cyril Keller at a blacksmith shop in Rothsay, MN. invented a product.  A local farmer needed a machine to clean his turkey barns more efficiently and asked the Kellers for help. The machine that was invented and patented by the Kellers to meet the farmer's need is the predecessor to what we now know as the Bobcat® skid-steer loader.

The Keller brothers sold the manufacturing rights of their machine to the Melroe Company in 1957 and became employees of the Melroe organization, Louis as an engineer and Cyril a salesman. The skid steer loader was used successfully in many different applications. However, the loader did not do well when cleaning sand beaches.  The skid steer loaders got stuck. Another problem to solve for the Kellers... This is when Louis Keller designed the first track system. Louis did not want to go into the production of his invention so he searched for someone to handle the manufacturing of his track.

In 1971, George and Marilyn (Keller) Loegering entered the picture. George and Marilyn had always dreamed of having a manufacturing plant and at this point the Loegering Track was born.

Loegering's first plant was a lean-to attached to Larson Welding in Fargo, ND, where George was employed as a foreman. Elmer Larson, the owner of Larson Welding, made an offer to the Loegerings that no one could turn down. He offered to rent his lean-to to the Loegerings for just $5.00 per set of tracks sold. Elmer also allowed the Loegerings use of his equipment and machines free of charge when his employees were not using them. Elmer even went the extra mile of allowing George the option of punching the Larson Welding time clock...George never had to punch in.

In that first year, many hours were spent as a family building Loegering Tracks during the night, since that was the best time not to interfere with Larson's jobs. A comfortable bed was made in the back of the Loegering's station wagon for the children as both Marilyn and George, (Mom and Dad), worked to form and assemble Loegering Tracks.