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The Eliminator rake "eliminates" manual labor while preparing all types of soil. Go from an uncleared lot to a finished seedbed with one attachment.


  • Precision placement allows you to push soil within inches of the edges.
  • Perfect along driveways, walks and curbs.
  • Grading teeth create a smooth final grade.
  • Great for removing shrubs and small vegetation.
  • Works well in tight areas, normally requiring hours of manual labor.
  • Scarifying teeth loosen even the hardest soils. (Both forward and in reverse)

Multiple sizes available to fit your needs.  The Eliminator is now available in three different sizes: 42", 72" and 84" (1066.8 mm, 1828.8 mm, and 2133.6 mm).


  • Start machine and raise The Eliminator® 1'-2' above the ground.
  • Shut machine off.
  • Block lift arms.
  • Remove teeth from storage on the side of The Eliminator®.
  • Install scarifier teeth underneath the rear of The Eliminator® with angled-edge down and facing forward.
  • Secure with quick-pins, remove blocks and you are ready to work.


Warning: At no time should you step between The Eliminator and the machine or get beneath The Eliminator.