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  • Aggressive traction and excellent side hill stability.
  • Hammer-forged steel traction cleats are the most wear resistant.
  • Traction cleats are self-cleaning and give exceptional skid-steer control.
  • Smooth running double-pivot design.
  • Extends tire life and easy on drive train.

Do you need traction and flotation?  The Z-Series from Loegering combines the increased floatation and powerful traction you need to power through the widest range of applications.  The Loegering Z-Series was designed to capitalize on the added traction that a skid-steer operator needs.  They deliver incredible traction, excellent side-hill stability, and easy installation.  They keep you working in any condition which puts more money in your pocket by providing more hours on the job.

The Z-Series has individually hardened components to increase longevity and dependability in any aggressive condition.  They are engineered to be strong, long-lasting, and self-cleaning.  The Z-Series increases tire life while providing a smooth ride which will decrease operator fatigue.