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  • Hammer-forged steel pad is the most wear resistant pad bottom. 
  • V-shaped pads are self-cleaning and give exceptional skid steer control.
  • Most pad-to-ground contact for maximum floatation.
  • Smooth running double-pivot design.
  • Extends tire life and easy on drive train.



With F Series Steel Tracks, your machine can handle even the toughest conditions. Designed primarily for mid-size skid-steer loaders and machines up to 120 horsepower with 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 or 15.50 tires; the F-Series features durable four-inch wide hammer-forged steel pads.  They're engineered to be strong, long-lasting and self-cleaning. They're designed to reduce rutting and ground compaction. The F-Series is equipped with threaded dura pins for longer life and easier replacement than any other tracks. Each component is individually hardened for longevity and dependability. Extra-rugged construction results in a 2000-hour track life, based on average use.